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Celebrating Svelte

#​596 — July 1, 2022

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JavaScript Weekly

▶  Svelte Origins: A JavaScript Documentary — A well produced 32-minute documentary catching up with Svelte’s creator Rich Harris, as well as some of its users and fans, really digging into where it came from, what makes it tick, and how it has built up a healthy community of its own. Heartwarming and educational!

OfferZen Origins

New in Cypress 10: Introducing Component Testing Beta — In our biggest release ever, we’ve launched a redesigned UI and an all new way to test your application’s front-end components. Click here to get started with Cypress 10 and redefine how you test modern web applications. sponsor

Vue 2.7 ‘Naruto’ Released — While Vue 3 is the new default, so many projects continue to rely on Vue 2 and so 2.7 has been released as an LTS release to help bridge the gap with a few backported features (including the Composition API), improved Vite support (via a new plugin), and more. Nonetheless, Vue 2 is expected to reach ‘end of life’ by ‘the end of 2023.’

Evan You

Highlights from OpenJS World 2022OpenJS World took place in early June and this post covers some of the talking points, top talks, and what made the event special. There’s a YouTube playlist of over 50 talks from the event too.

Marian Villa (NodeSource)

📊 Along similar lines is a 70-page ‘Vue Report’ on the state of the Vue.js community and project based on discussions at the recent Vue Amsterdam conference. A great way to catch up and no registration or emails needed.


Sacha Greif (of State of JavaScript fame) reflects on ten years of Meteor, an isomorphic JavaScript framework that was somewhat ahead of its time.

Last week we featured the approval of the ECMAScript 2022 standard, but another interesting development is it is now available under a more permissive W3C-like license.

Vercel Edge Functions are now in public beta.

If you think Node.js should support Web Workers, as browsers and Deno do, have your say or check out the discussion on this issue.

👾 So after creating two games with JavaScript in Microsoft Word, SethEric is back ▶️ creating a game in PowerPoint. A PowerPoint slide doesn’t work too badly as a canvas, to be fair..

[New] 200+ Malicious npm Packages Discovered — See the full summary of the affected packages and learn how to secure your dependencies. sponsor


Prisma 4.0 – Powerful TypeScript ORM.
Billboard.js 3.5 – Charting library on top of D3.js. 8.8 – WebGL2 powered visualization framework.
Fastify 4.2 – Node.js webapp framework.
v8n 1.5 – Fluent validation library.
vue-instantsearch 4.4 – Search UIs on Algolia + Vue.
Puppeteer 15.2 – The headless Chrome control library.
ng2-charts 3.1 – Chart.js for Angular.
Next.js 12.2

📒 Articles & Tutorials

ES2022: The Main New Features, Quickly, in Code — If you want to see what’s new in ES2022 in quick-fire, code-only form, this is for you.

Hemanth HM

Retry XMLHttpRequest Carefully — When requests your page is making behind the scenes fail, what’s your strategy for a retry or recovery? It’s worth taking a look, says Aaron.

Aaron D. Parks

Stop the Screen Going to Sleep with JavaScript — An explanation of how to use the Screen Wake Lock API.

Michael Walter Van Der Velden

Designing the Ultimate Query Builder for TypeScript — Feeling limited by your ORM or SQL? EdgeDB’s query builder brings typesafe data access to a new level.

EdgeDB sponsor

Working with the File System from Node.js — A deep dive on all things related to working with text files in Node, from simple reading and writing operations to streams, buffers, and directory manipulation.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Using JavaScript to Fill localStorage to Its Maximum Capacity — Why? For testing how an app copes when it can’t write to localStorage.

Matteo Mazzarolo

▶  Coding Tetris in JavaScript: The ASMR Version — Well produced, calming coding videos seem to be becoming a thing.

Servet Gulnaroglu

‘Angular Without SSR is Faster Than Next.js with SSR. I Have The Data.’

Alex Krupp

The Many Definitions of ‘Server-Side Rendering’

Zach Leatherman

A Look At Nx, The Fastest Growing Monorepo Solution in the JS Ecosystem?

Juri Strumpflohner

🛠 Code & Tools

Sigma.js 2: High Performance Interactive Rendering of Large Graphs — The story of how a complete rewrite came together through several years of work on this library for doing very large scale rendering of graphs in the browser. GitHub repo.

Guillaume, Alexis, et al.

neovis.js 2.0: Neo4j + vis.js → Graph Visualizations in the Browser — Takes data from the Neo4j graph database and uses vis.js to visualize it.


Custom Dashboards, Admin Panels, CRUD Apps—Build Any Internal Tool Faster In Retool.

Retool sponsor

Serverless-Express 4.9: Run Existing Node.js Frameworks on AWS Lambda or Azure Functions — The idea is that you can build HTTP APIs in the usual way on top of Express, Koa, Hapi, etc. with this providing the wrapper to let them run on AWS Lambda or Azure Functions.

Vendia Inc

trim-lines 3.0: Remove Spaces and Tabs Around Line Breaks“It might look trivial, but it’s actually pretty complex to get performant.”

Titus Wormer

Handsontable 12: A Mature Data Grid That Feels Like a Spreadsheet — Plain JavaScript, Vue, Angular, React – it works with them all (demo). Note its dual license which only makes it free for evaluation or non-commercial use. GitHub repo.


💻 Jobs

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


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