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Debug Academy: Would you rather: Early or late adopter of Drupal?

Would you rather: Early or late adopter of Drupal?

What are the pros & cons of being an early adopter of a framework?

This can be a loaded question due to misaligned incentives. Projects need early adoption to be successful.

But what is best for your career and/or project? Let’s discuss it honestly.

When is “early”?

In the context of software, “early adoption” has multiple meanings.

For the sake of this conversation, “early” specifically means at least one of the following is true:

The software is not yet widely used (not many case studies)
Best practices have not yet been established
The software has not stabilized (alpha, beta, sometimes 1.0)

It’s not always clear whether using software is early.

Let me give a few examples, one of which may be counter-intuitive:

Mon, 09/20/2021

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