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Drupal Association blog: Drupal Association Board Elections, 2021

It is that time of year again where the Drupal Association Board looks to fill the At-Large member seat that becomes available every year.

This year, we send our thanks to Leslie Glynn, who will be stepping down as an At-Large board member after serving her two years. Last year, Pedro Cambra was elected to the board, who has one more year to serve – and we are sure will be happy to welcome the next person onto the board!

Important Dates

The canonical list of dates, including times, is detailed at “Election 2021: Dates and Candidates” but the next important dates are:

Self nominations open: NOW!!

Self nomination close: 27th September, 1900 UTC

What does the Drupal Association Board do?

The Board of Directors of the Drupal Association is responsible for financial oversight and setting the strategic direction for serving the Drupal Association’s mission, which we achieve through and DrupalCon. Our mission is to unite a global open source community to build, secure, and promote Drupal.

Who can run?

The only requirement for nominees is that you must be a member of the Drupal Association.

How do I run?

Candidates are highly encouraged to:

Watch the latest Community Update Video

Read about the board and elections, including the video about the elections this year
Read the Board Member Agreement

Then visit the Election 2021: Dates & Candidates page to self-nominate. The first step is to fill in a form, nominating yourself. Drupal Association staff will create you a candidate page and make you the author so you can continue to add content here during the election and answer any question posed by the electorate as comments on the page.

Who can vote?

All individual members of the Drupal Association may vote in the election.

If you are not currently a member, please ensure you have renewed your membership before voting opens, on 4th October. The Drupal Association recognizes there should be no barrier to membership so a zero-cost option is available on the individual membership signup form.

How do I vote?

The Drupal Association Board Elections are moving to the free and open source Helios Voting service for 2020 and beyond. All Drupal Association individual members will receive their unique voting links via email, sent to the primary email address in their profile when voting opens. Follow the instructions in that email to vote.

Elected board member special responsibilities

As detailed in a previous blog post, the elected members of the Drupal Association Board have a further responsibility that makes their understanding of issues related to diversity & inclusion even more important; they provide a review panel for our Community Working Group. This is a huge important role in our global community.

What should I do now?

Self-nomination is open! Please do read further:

About the Drupal Association Board,
About the Elections,
Detail on the process for 2021, including the video about this year’s election process.
Chat with Rachel, Audra, or Leslie if you have questions

Then consider if the person who should be standing for election is you. (It probably is!)

To submit your nomination, fill out the nomination form.

On 4th October, get ready to read through the candidate profiles and prepare to cast your ballot!

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