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Getting the custom product attribute in the Checkout summary Magento 2

I have a custom product attribute which we are using in place of name for some reason. I need to change this through out the site. I got success in getting this in minicart , product and cart page.
but i am unable to find how it is getting render on the checkout summary section

for minicart it is rendering from the file


protected function doGetItemData()
return [
‘options’ => $this->getOptionList(),
‘qty’ => $this->item->getQty() * 1,
‘item_id’ => $this->item->getId(),
‘configure_url’ => $this->getConfigureUrl(),
‘is_visible_in_site_visibility’ => $this->item->getProduct()->isVisibleInSiteVisibility(),
‘product_name’ => $this->item->getProduct()->getName(),
‘product_url’ => $this->getProductUrl(),
‘product_has_url’ => $this->hasProductUrl(),

but in checkout summary i can’t find how it works. Please suggest how can i achieve this.


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