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Is the salesrule_coupon “expiration_date” field used for anything?

When you create a coupon code in Magento 1 or Magento 2 (a “Shopping Cart Price Rule”), you can set date range where the coupon is valid from/to. This information is stored in the salesrule table, and Magento appears to respect it. (i.e. if the end date has passed, Magento won’t let you apply the coupon code)

However, Magento stores the actual codes for an individual sales rule in the salesrule_coupon table. This table includes a field named expiration_date which seems like it would be a way to set expiration dates on specific coupon codes with a sales rule. However, Magento does not (seem to?) respect this field.

Does anyone know what this field is for? Does it work and I’m just doing it wrong? Is it tracking something else? etc.

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