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Local PC development w/ ElasticSearch – High Memory Usage makes my desktop unusable

I´m new to Magento and I´m trying to install Magento locally in my work desktop to test my code development before pushing it back to the Integration Branch.

I already tried with the “Local Development Setup” and “Docker Cloud Development” Instruction. In both setups my machine becomes unresponsive. With the Local Development Setup I could verify that the culprit of the unresponsiveness is the ElasticSearch application using 10GB of RAM in 6 or more different PID´s.

I´m using Ubuntu under WSL 2.0 on a Windows 10 machine with 16GB RAM, Intel Core i5-2500 (Yeah, the hardware does not help much…)

So a couple of questions:

Is there anyway yo make this work on a local machine?
Is testing expected to be done at a dedicated server on Magento?
Is there anyway to configure Elastic Search to use less memory or simply not use it on Magento 2.4?

I´m kindda lost on how to accomplish this, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be really grateful!


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