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Magento 2 dispatch observer without waiting for observer to finish

I am wanting to run some code that makes a request on product save, separate to the page product save happens on.

I have correctly set up an observer that listens to the ‘catalog_product_save_after’ event and makes the request.

However, now when I save a product, the page waits for the observer to finish making the request before it continues and loads the ‘success’ page. What practice/functionality can I use such that the product save page defers the request, but doesn’t need to wait on the result to continue.


Here is the controller code that saves the product and redirects with the success message:

if (isset($data[‘variations-matrix’])) {
foreach ($data[‘variations-matrix’] as $matrixdata) {
$simpleids[] = $this->saveproduct($data, ‘simple’, $matrixdata, $blankarray = []);
$product_id = $this->saveproduct($data, ‘configurable’, $blankarray = [], $simpleids);
} else {
$product_id = $this->saveproduct($data, $data[‘product_type’]);
$this->messageManager->addSuccess(__(‘The Product has been saved.’));
return $this->_redirect(‘marketplace/index/products’);

Without an observer, the success message and redirect happen almost instantly. With an observer listening to catalog_product_save_after however, the redirect and message only happen once the request is run. I am looking for a way for the request to be triggered without product save waiting for the request to finish.

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