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MidCamp – Midwest Drupal Camp: MidCamp 2022 Canceled

MidCamp 2022 Canceled

As discussed in October/November we’ve been waiting things out to make further plans for MidCamp 2022. We’re still not confident enough in the state of the world in March to continue making plans for MidCamp and as such the leadership team has decided to cancel the event for this year.

I’d like to thank all of you for your persistence and dedication to MidCamp throughout the pandemic. We’ve pushed the entire Drupal community forward in thinking about virtual events—we made them more inclusive, more fun, and more engaging and we all have a lot to be proud of.

Going forward, the Chicago Drupal community could really use some new leadership. If you’re interested in answering the call, join the conversation on the MidCamp Slack.

What’s next is up to you. I appreciate you all. Be safe.


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