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Overriding a .phtml file in custom theme doesn’t work

I’ve been trying to override D:ProjectsPMM-M2public_htmlvendormagentomodule-checkoutviewfrontendtemplatessuccess.phtml by placing the file in my custom theme at location D:ProjectsPMM-M2public_htmlappdesignfrontendPerfectmakeupmirrorsargento-luxury-customMagento_Checkouttemplatessuccess.phtml.

I need to change the line <p><?= $block->escapeHtml(__(‘We’ll email you an order confirmation with details and tracking info.’)) ?></p> to <p><?= $block->escapeHtml(__(‘Within 10 minutes we’ll send an email to you with your <strong>%1</strong> and complete details.<br />When your order ships we’ll email tracking information to you.’, ‘order’), [‘strong’,’br’]) ?></p><?php endif;?>

This is not happening. Is there anything wrong in how I’m overriding .phtml file in my custom theme?

Please help.

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