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setAdditionalInformation not working (Magento 2)

Hello while placing an order using paysafe payment method.

Below error appears.

Error: Call to a member function getAdditionalInformation() on null in /app/code/Paysafe/Payment/Controller/CC/Redirect.php:55

On payment page –

namespace PaysafePaymentGatewayResponse;

use MagentoPaymentGatewayDataPaymentDataObjectInterface;
use MagentoPaymentGatewayResponseHandlerInterface;
use MagentoSalesModelOrder;

class TxnIdHandler implements HandlerInterface

public function handle(array $handlingSubject, array $response)
if (isset($response[‘acsURL’])) {
$payment->setAdditionalInformation(‘3ds_redirect_url’, $response[‘acsURL’]);


Below file & method is not getting executed & that’s where the AdditionalInformation is set on payment method.

That gives error on


$order = $this->checkoutSession->getLastRealOrder();
/** @var OrderPayment $payment */
$payment = $order->getPayment();
$redirectUrl = $payment->getAdditionalInformation(‘3ds_redirect_url’);

Any thoughts on how to fix it ?

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