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Subdomain Cookie

I have a problem with my subdomain in Magento 2.1.6.

The user session is not kept between websites.

My websites are like this:

I set the cookie subdomain like this:

But the session is not kept, I tried to log in and when I go to I am not connected.

I already cleared the cache, flushed the cache, and reindexed. I also cleared the browser cookies. I tried as cookie and / as cookie path and nothing worked.

I need to do this it’s a major task, but i’m out of idea. If someone can helpme!

Magento 2.1.6
Dev on localhost using wamp
Php 7
change localhost with custom link (

In a previous install it was working, but with this install it don’t want to work.

EDIT : I already searched, but every problems is about the multi websites without using www. so cookie domain is not kept. In my case I set a www. domain and try every cookie domain.

EDIT 2 22.06.2017
My cookie pathis empty and my cookie domain is But when I go to the cookie with chrome, the path is / and the domain is

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