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Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #317 – Govcon Keynote Non-Code Contribution: Using your passion and skills to power open source.

Today we are talking about Non-Code Contribution

Topics What is Talking Drupal Podcast with audio and video We recorded our 300th episode in June, over 175 guests, 700K audio downloads Weekly episodes covering a variety of topics Most recent 315 with Tara King, Director of Developer Relations at automatic, Comparing Drupal and WordPress Communities Visit This may be a different keynote than you are accustomed to. Talking Drupal is a discussion, and that’s what we are having today. Today we are talking about Non-Code Contribution: Using your passion and skills to power open source. What is contribution in an open-source project? Providing your time, skills or resources to benefit the project Today we’re talking about non code contributions Early on contribution was considered writing code Over time we have learned to value non-code contributions just as much as code contrib Rather than defining non-code contribution by what it is not, we need a term to define it by what it is Community is built in meetups, camps, and cons Majority of contribution has nothing to do with coding at a camp Attending Speaking Training Organizing Organizing a camp ( / Nov 19th) Volunteering at a camp Stephen – Sponsorship, lead for many years Nic – Website & Signage John – Current Lead, Day of Logistics, Venue coordination Some other examples of contribution Mentorship Documentation Training Summits Being on a committee/Board Answering questions in issue queue Answering questions in slack Who is a contributor? Is it a self designation or a community designation? Why would you contribute? Contribution is a relationship Give and receive Makes you feel good Benefit Skills Technical Communication Project Management Benefit Career Skills Visibility Building Personal Network Networking at Events Financial Compensation Contribute does not always mean nights and weekends Usually starts that way Contribute as part of your job Employers are open supporting open source, there are benefits got both company and employee Contribute to external project or contribute internal project to open source Will your company support your time to make NCC 315 we learned about WordPress’ contribution goals Launched in 2014, Five for the Future encourages organizations to contribute five percent of their resources to WordPress development. Government 2016 Federal Source Code Policy Support for open source usage, encourage sharing across agencies 20 percent created code should be open source Start the Dialog with your company Why do we contribute – Contribution can be personal like donating to your favorite charity or playing your favorite game. Nic I was asked I enjoy giving back Helps my career Stephen Sharing and Learning John To help people and solve technical challenges for people Education and knowledge sharing To support something larger than myself / make the world a better place How did TD Start Long before Joe Rogans podcast deal with Spotify of 100 million 2008 – With Liberty and Justice for All – 5th grader Obama McCain 7 episodes Mechanics of podcasting,work involved with pre and post record production Virtual book club with Jason Pamental – pick a web design book, assign weekly chapters, Google Hangout Like to learn – similar Drupal journeys – makings of an interesting podcast… great reason to talk every week When did we start considering it a contribution? When did we start giving contribution credits on How did Talking Drupal come to be a non-code contribution? It always was a non-code contribution, we didn’t consider it at first because the Drupal community was code focused. Credit for TD started 20 November 2020 Community Projects When did the drupal community start supporting NCC Why is this important How has the show & other non-code contribution impacted our lives / careers Stephen Friendships Have helped others Nic Friendships Clients John Connections – Hey you are that guy Given me a sense of value Gives me a sense of supporting the community Why are non-code contributions important As valuable to the health of a project as code contributions. There are non-code requirements for all projects Not everyone is a developer/coder Get’s more people with a variety of skills involved in the community Moves open source forward Challenges of Contributing Contribution Imposter Syndrome My Contribution isn’t valuable Dealing with concerns that it’s not helpful Focus on your skills and passions Work, life, contribution balance Work it into your work Build a career based on contribution Contrib doesn’t have to be Nights and Weekends Add 30 min to the start or end of your day If you do tackle one thing a night Provide contrib during your workday Sustainability Projects are easy to do short time, Energy is high Newness interesting Most podcast don’t make it past 8 episodes Long term is a challenge Pre-show guest scheduling, content planning, shownotes Post Production audio and video Release and marketing 1 hour show = 6 – 8 hours Priorities and interests change over time NCC easier to transition in and out Had to make transition out of my primary roles and I did that, projects have thrived in those transitions Be honest with yourself How to get involved / How to contribute Just get started Look at your skill set Look at your interests Ask in the issue queue or drupal slack for a starting point You can also reach out to most camp organizers for recommendations Takeaways John Anyone can and everyone should contribute Stephen Your contribution is valuable Nic Code and non code are equal to the long term health of the project Resources Hosts

Nic Laflin – @nicxvan John Picozzi – @johnpicozzi Stephen Cross – @stephencross

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