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Updated CSS in pub/static doesn’t reflect in browser!

Recently I got an odd issue regarding the CSS changing.
Here is the problem:

I change the CSS in the theme folder, delete the file in the pub/static. I do static content deploy via SSH and cache flush and I can see that the CSS file is generated in the pub/static folder and IT IS UPDATED THERE. This is something I always did and it used to work.

Also, I can confirm that the CSS is updated via the direct link in the Browser’s view source code and in the Source tab of the Inspect window. It means the CSS is loaded from the pub/static and I can see it is updated.

THE FUNNY AND FRUSTRATING thing is that, though the CSS file is updated and loading in the browser I cannot see any changes in the frontend!
I cleared the browser cache, cookies, and data. I tested it on Chrome, Chrome Incognito, and Firefox. No changes in the frontend I can see!

I’m going to be crazy about this! How is it possible?

Recently I moved the store to another server with the LiteSpeed cache but the only difference is that on my previous server, I had LiteMage Cache + LiteSpeech, in the new server the LiteMage isn’t supported. I don’t know if it caused the issue.

I’m using Magento 2.3.5-p1

Linux Server

PHP Version 7.3.33

The Full Page Cache is on also.

Please give your thoughts and advice if you had any and I’d appreciate it.


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